From the May 2018 magazine.

Entirely ready

When I first read the Twelve Steps, there were a few I expected to be difficult—especially Four and Nine. I dreaded listing all my faults and making amends the most. But once I started working them, I noticed a few other Steps that took much more effort than I anticipated. The First Step was really hard. I had just gotten my third DUI, lost my job and was living in a treatment center, yet I still had trouble saying my life was unmanageable.

My Fifth Step was one of those things I was eager to do but was also dreading. The Fourth Step was difficult. The judge had given me the option of being in treatment for two months or going to jail for a year and there were times I felt that jail seemed like a better option! In jail, I could just sleep, watch TV and read books. There was none of this introspection or discomfort. I was sick to my stomach a lot during the week I worked on my Fourth Step. But I was ready to rid myself of all that crap that had accumulated over my years of active drinking.

-- Zacheriah B.

New Philadelphia, Ohio

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