From the May 2018 magazine.

A day at the museum

A few days after doing her Fifth Step, a mother takes her kids on a field trip

It was a cold and stormy morning when I awoke. Getting my kids to school as a stay-at-home sober mom was much easier now. Of course, when I was drunk, it was a nearly impossible task. And let me not forget to mention that we lived directly across the street from school!

On this particular day, I was getting to chaperone a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. I had been to the museum before with my kids, as my mom had a lifetime membership for our family to use. But during my drinking days, trying to get three kids, age 5 and under, to the museum with a double hangover was impossible. One time I had tried to take them, the kids had to pick me up when I fell down walking up the museum steps. 

-- Diane D.

Chicago, Illinois

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