From the May 2018 magazine.

The right place

By sharing their drinking stories in a treatment center, a few women helped another find her way

I am currently serving as chair of my district’s Cooperation With Treatment Facilities (CTF). As part of my work, I took a panel into a local treatment facility a little over a week ago. It was a women’s outpatient group. I brought my sponsor and one other woman from my home group with me. 

I led the informational part of the panel, as I was the facilitator. Then my sponsor and the other woman shared their stories. Both women are familiar with the Traditions and respect singleness of purpose. After they shared their stories and we closed the panel, everyone started leaving except for this 24-year-old woman who was very emotional and was embarrassed to walk out in tears. The three of us stayed behind and did our Twelfth Step work with her.

-- Carrie B.

Bend, Oregon

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