From the May 2018 magazine.

Life of the party

Terrified, she opened the door to the Sunset room and heard people laughing. She's been celebrating now for 35 years

My last drink was in 1981. That day I was terrified and confused. I found myself on the floor in my home, alone. My old landline telephone was near me on the floor. I do not know to this day how I picked up that phone and dialed a number. Luckily, the voice of AA was on the other end. A woman told me how to get help. She said there was a meeting, called Sunset, in a few hours. I got directions (that I barely understood) and waited until it was time.

By the hand of a power greater than myself, I found the address of the meeting. When I walked up, I heard voices behind the door. They were happy voices. I opened it and saw what looked like a party. It was like another world. My pain and terror slipped away as I stepped in.

-- Mary Lou C.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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