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Published April 2018.

God, My Family and Myself

Although he got sober far away from his family, AA and his Higher Power were there for him during his mother’s final illness

I lived pretty far away from my family when I got sober and I only visited a couple of times a year. However, my visits home became much more fulfilling and meaningful in sobriety. This is a bittersweet story about my changed relationship with God, my family and myself.

It was 2005, and I was a year sober when my mother told me she had started going to church by herself. This was unexpected news. In my family we never went to church. In fact, it was a part of life that seemed deliberately left out. I remember when growing up that it seemed rather odd to me when so many other families went to church, while my own family never went at all.

-- Rich G.

Urbana, Ill.

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