From the June 2018 magazine.

Family tree

A member goes on a quest to find her real dad and returns with some wonderful surprises

When I was 9 years old, I found out that my dad wasn’t my real father. My mom had lied to me, and now they were divorcing, so I felt like I didn’t have a dad anymore. He tried, and I tried, but things just never were the same again. I now wanted to find my real dad. 

Mom told me that he had a family and didn’t need a child he didn’t know about. Mom knew my real dad was married with two kids when she met him. My grandma would tell me a story about taking him out to the freeway with a cardboard box and a suitcase and dropping him off and waving goodbye. She told me that story every time I saw her. It only encouraged me to keep looking for him.

-- Tony C.

Estacada, Oregon

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