From the June 2018 magazine.

Seven nights a week

How a small group of AAs kept carrying the message until even holidays were covered

Locked up behind large steel doors in a downtown hospital in of one of the biggest cities in North America, I was stripped of all normal clothing and dressed in what the staff referred to as a patient’s gown. I found my first sign of humility in a psychiatrist’s office there when the doctor suggested I was an alcoholic. He was asking me to read the book he slid across his desk to me.

At first I resisted, as I reminded him about how I had just lost my father to cancer less than a month before, and my wife had taken away my three small children and left me the week before. I was looking for pity, not advice. So the doctor suggested I go to my first sober AA meeting where many of the other patients went that night.

-- Derek R.

Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

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