From the August 1974 magazine.

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More Women Alcoholics

The woman alcoholic bears a double burden--the general stigma of alcoholism and the additional popular assumption that a female drinker indulges in amoral behavior--said Ruth P. Oakley, MD, director of the John L. Norris Clinic for Alcoholism of Rochester [N.Y.] State Hospital. The 1972 admission statistics at the clinic indicate that the ratio of women to men has reached 1:2.2. Fulltime housewives do not predominate; among the widely varying occupations, there is a preponderance of nurses and teachers. Three Roman Catholic nuns, one of them black, were among the admissions.

About one-third of the women gave a family history of alcoholism, either in the father, siblings, or both, but rarely in the mother. Women, far more than men, date the onset of their alcoholism to some crisis, tragic event, or loss. However, their drinking had already been leading in the direction of alcoholism.

-- Physician's Alcohol Newsletter

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