From the August 1974 magazine.

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Exception on 'Controlled' Drinkers

Commenting on the article " 'Incurable Disease' Concept Challenged" in this department (March Grapevine), Dr. J. W., Laguna Beach, Calif., writes: "Two references to the work of husband-and-wife researchers Mark and Linda Sobell are not only misleading but inaccurate."

The first reference was to a brief summary of that research. "I have all of the scientific papers of the Sobells spread out before me," Dr. J. W. writes. "Their controlled-drinking subjects were selected in an entirely different manner than were their subjects in whom abstinence was the treatment goal." The 20 controlled-drinking subjects were "gamma alcoholics, all of whom have a past history of having been able to practice some degree of control drinking prior to treatment. . . .

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