From the July 2018 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

Getting and staying sober in prison can be tough, especially since many institutions don’t have AA meetings. This is where Grapevine can be especially helpful. Each year at this time, we dedicate our issue to alcoholics in prisons and jails. This month our special section features hopeful stories of AA behind the walls. 

In the story “Keeping It Real,” a member recalls the two AA women who brought her the message in jail and “told it like it was.” When she finally got sober, she knew where to go and began to carry the message inside just as they did. In “End Run,” a man finds himself in a prison filled with alcohol and drugs. Luckily, he meets a member named Skyler while doing laps around the track. In “Freedom Is Sweet,” a member writes about when he was “way too cool” for AA, until the sober guys in the yard got his attention. And a woman who does corrections service shares about the hope and love she felt attending a huge AA feast in a maximum security prison yard in the story “Maximum Picnic.” 

-- The Editor

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