From the July 2018 magazine.

Opened my eyes

I was first approached to bring an AA meeting into a county jail by a friend at my home group—even though at the time I was only attending one or two meetings a year, whether I needed them or not. I had all sorts of reasons to refuse. I was just a few credits short of a master’s degree, and I’d been selected as a Senior Chief in the Navy. 

As maintenance engineer supervisor at a county jail, I responded to afterhours emergencies. I saw inmates going to AA meetings, and from my exalted position, I knew there were only three reasons they would do that: 1) to get out of their cell; 2) to make points with the guards; or 3) to wrangle a “get out of jail free” card. I saw no reason to spend my valuable time on people of “their” background, even though I had definitely spent several nights in jails myself. 

-- Mel F/

Prescott Valley, Arizona

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