From the July 2018 magazine.

Something to behold

An old-timer from Tennessee shares about all the love he’s gotten from AA since 1955

Ever since I got 60 years of sobriety in AA, I thought I should write an article for Grapevine. And I’d better do it soon, because my eyesight is going. So yesterday I finally sat down and wrote my story.

My last drink was in August 1955. But five years earlier is when I began to realize that my drinking was interfering with both my marriage and my Air Force career. At first I tried to control my drinking using what I thought were brilliant ideas. Total failure. Once I drank, I could not stop. For two or three years, I tried different techniques to quit. Again, utter failure. I began to believe there was no hope for me.

-- Tom K.

Tullahoma, Tennessee

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