From the August 2018 magazine.

Good to the last drop

There’s no better air freshener at a morning meeting than the good, old-fashioned smell of coffee

The old coffeepot at our Phelan Good Morning meeting had personal problems. One of its three legs started to lean, then crumple, until it finally just fell off. Although we initially propped it up on the old leg and later fixed it in various other ways (including using a Big Book to prop it), the pot’s 40-cup weight was just too much. 

Unlike the little engine that could, it seemed to be the little coffee-pot that could not. So we bought a shiny new pot just before Christmas. The new one lasted two months, until about Valentine’s Day, making coffee for our 6:00 a.m. meeting five days a week. It seems the persistent daily use was just too much for it and several days in a row it produced hot clear water and no coffee. 

-- Ed L.

Wrightwood, California

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