From the August 2018 magazine.

It’s my turn now

It was time to give away what Kenny had done for him. But was he ready?

The first time my sponsor and I met to begin my work on the Steps, we got together at my house. I remember watching my wife and kids leave so we could be alone and I appreciated that they were being supportive. I did not know it then, but it was my sponsor, sitting across from me at my dining room table, who would be the greatest source of support I would ever experience. 

When I think back, I realize the main reason I wanted Kenny to be my sponsor was his incredible intelligence. He knew instinctively when to be strong, assertive or comforting. I attributed it to his brains, but today I realize it had more to do with his knowledge of the Steps and his sound relationship with his Higher Power.

-- Thomas S

Arlington Heights, Illinois

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