From the September 2018 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

Each year, we devote an entire special section to members who found AA in their teens, 20s and 30s.  We want young members to know that they’re not alone and that life is definitely not over. In fact, in many ways it’s just begun. Speaking of which, this year we celebrate the International Conference of Young People in AA for 60 terrific years of sobriety, fellowship, service and fun. Happy birthday, ICYPAA!  Enjoy the September issue.

In the story “Two Free Hands,” a young woman discovers the wonderful world of Young People’s meetings and finds she doesn’t have to hold a glass to make friends and have a great time. A young Canadian member’s drinking pushes everyone away until he realizes he’s at his final boarding call in “Let Me Off This Plane!” In “Flying Spaghetti Monster,” a 16-year-old girl crash lands into AA and gets a sponsor who helps her find hope and even a Higher Power.  And in the sweet story, “Never Too Young,” an old-timer fondly recalls her loving Young People’s group when she was just 19 in the early ’70s.

-- The Editor

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