From the October 2018 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

Once we get sober and incorporate  the Steps into our lives, we begin to navigate the world more smoothly. In fact, for many of us, our performance at work is one of the first places we notice change. The tools of AA become essential at our jobs. We learn to show up, communicate, negotiate and be of service there. Some days we need every tool in the box. This month’s special section features stories about how members bring their program to work.  

In the story “Work Buddies,” a member in New Jersey recalls how his own drunken escapades at work helped him become uniquely useful to others. A woman in New York shares what happened when ambition and career took her away from the program in “Workaholic.” In “Lying on My Resume,” a member in Tennessee with a rocky job history learns a valuable lesson in honesty from his group. And in “Mad Man,” a newcomer gets a brand-new job at a boozy advertising agency, selling—you guessed it—liquor. What could possibly go wrong? 

-- The Editor

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