From the October 2018 magazine.

Lying on my resume

The “secrets of success” he heard at meetings taught him a valuable lesson about honesty

Through the years, I have noticed that, outside of AA meetings, a number of us can be fairly difficult people. Consequently, the topic of searching for, applying for and keeping jobs occasionally comes up in meetings. For my part, dysfunctional thinking, bone-deep self-centeredness, whirlwinds of resentment, bouts of rage, periods of paralyzing depression, anxiety and other elements of alcoholic insanity followed me well past the last drink.

Only after the loss of 13 jobs did it really dawn on me that I was the common denominator. My sober job history was fast catching up with my drinking job history. If there was to be any chance for me to make a living, something had to change and apparently that something was me.

-- James L.

Nashville, Tennessee

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