From the October 2018 magazine.

Work buddies

A member involved in CPC work tells how his drunken past helps him to be useful on the job

One day, I was driving home from my job, feeling resentful that I’d had to work on my birthday. Not only that, but it was busy. And no one had taken me out for lunch or even wished me a happy birthday. I hadn’t told anyone it was my birthday but … they should have known. 

Suddenly the thought of a drink popped into my head. I’d been sober for the last six months, working hard at the new job, going to those stupid AA meetings. Hadn’t I earned a little break? But the crowning bit of alcoholic logic was: If I drink tonight then my AA anniversary will be on my birthday! One big celebration every year—birth and rebirth. Yeah! So that’s just what I did. 

-- Jeff W.

Maplewood, New Jersey

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