From the October 2018 magazine.

Lots of opinions

A member with strong views shares what she’s learned about tolerance, compassion and Tradition Ten

I have worked to understand how Tradition Ten and Tradition Five connect to our singleness of purpose. The idea that we should not draw the AA name into public controversy made sense to me from the start. I’ve read the history of the Washingtonians and found it a relief to know that, no matter what the latest issue is in the world at large, in an AA meeting I do not have to hear anybody’s opinion on it. 

Meetings for me are a place of recovery and safety, where we are free from having to pick sides or decide what is right or wrong for the future of the country. My only purpose in attending an AA meeting is to help the alcoholic who still suffers, which, as I found out, isn’t always necessarily the newcomer. My experience has shown me anyone at any time can be the one in need, including myself. 

-- D.T.

Yakima, Washington

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