From the October 2018 magazine.

This is the door you're looking for

She may not have been raised to end up on skid row, but she sure found her hope there

"This is the door you’re looking for!” So said the sign on the otherwise anonymous storefront on what was then Portland’s skid row. It was just before noon on an April day in 1980 and I was looking for the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It seemed like a peculiar place for me to be, given where my life had started.

I was born into a family of a type often lampooned by filmmaker Woody Allen: upper middle-class, left-wing, Jewish intellectuals living in or around New York City. My parents were good-looking, successful and well-known. My brother and I were sent to private school and lacked no material comforts.

-- Lori U.

Portland, Oregon

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