From the December 2018 magazine.

Tank buddies

Far from home and in the field for weeks, these soldiers have a second mission—stay sober

When I was sober nine months, I asked my stepdad for money because I wanted to go back to school and do something with myself. He had funded most of my drinking career, so he simply said no. So I went home with my new resentment and a couple of weeks later joined the Army. I’m grateful that the recruiting doctor wrote on my paperwork that I could attend AA in basic training. I wouldn’t have survived basic without AA. 

My first place of duty was in Germany. This was the early ’80s. Unfortunately, I went back out drinking after two months there, but I have been sober since then. I felt sorry for myself because everyone else could drink and I couldn’t. My relapse lasted two days and left me suicidal. I accepted that I was an alcoholic. 

-- Anonymous

Philomath, Oregon

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