From the December 2018 magazine.


At every port, the booze once flowed freely. But now that he’s sober, he’s on full alert

As a retired naval officer, I’ve been around the world and can personally attest that most of it is water. And although I spent many long stints at sea, we always pulled into ports along the way. And those ports all had lots and lots of alcohol. Each port seemed to have its own special drink, and I was intent on sampling each and every one of them. And a funny thing was that even with the able assistance of my fellow shipmates, we just never could seem to drink any ports dry, much as we tried. 

Other than the all-too-common indiscretions in my teenage years, culminating with a three-day hangover during my senior year in high school, I chose to virtually quit drinking and embrace a personal Christian faith during college. So when I joined the Navy, I didn’t drink and was active in my faith. How then, you might ask, did I become an alcoholic? Well, it didn’t happen overnight.

-- Kevin S,

Gastonia, North Carolina

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