From the January 2019 magazine.

Delicious journey

Caught for drunk driving, she thought her life was over. Turned out it was just the beginning

I got lucky enough to finally get arrested for driving drunk in 1989. I was sentenced to attend 10 AA meetings. At the time, I couldn’t believe my bad luck. I protested, offering to just pay a bigger fine. Anything would be better than going to AA, I thought. Just don’t make me go there with those people! But the judge was adamant, looking over the glasses that had slid down his nose. He said, “This just might save your life, little lady.” He was right.

I was 36 years old, standing in that courtroom after another week of blackout drinking. I was sick and feeling lower than I’d ever felt in my life. And still I had the arrogance and audacity to say: “You can’t make me.” All the while, my lawyer was snarling at me to shut up. I was the perfect example of an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. 

-- Annie K.

Bunker Hill, Illinois

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