From the February 2019 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

In this month’s special section, we celebrate our longtime members, the ones who trudged this beautiful road to sobriety before us. Every day in meetings, they give us wise counsel and remind us of life’s many challenges and, of course, the joys of giving back. Here are their stories.

In the story “In a Roomful of Men,” an old-timer tells how the men took care of her when she arrived in AA in rural Montana 37 years ago. “I came to love them like kind uncles and brothers.” A member with 48 years reluctantly shows up to celebrate and gets a surprise in the sweet tale “In Silent Wonderment.” After 30 years in AA, still sitting in the same row with the same people, saying the same things, a man in Connecticut decides to shake things up in “Grave Danger.” And in the lovely piece “My Place in the World,” a longtime member in Tasmania learns he’s no longer in the center of the universe; he’s now content to sit on the edge and deal with things as they come along. Please see our new “Old-timer’s Questionnaire” on page 13. Fill it out yourself or give it to a longtime member you know and send it back to us.  

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