From the February 2019 magazine.

Simple rules

She came to believe in AA. Now, at 88, she passes it on and keeps it uncomplicated

During my 44 years in sobriety, I have heard a lot of AA sayings and I’ve heard them many times. I know a great many people who get a lot of relief from these sayings but I must admit that one means more to me than all the others: “We came. We came to. We came to believe.”

I went to my first meeting because I was trying to get my brother to sober up. It seems he got a bit too drunk and left our mother at Disney World. Because she was worried about him, I told her I’d get him to an AA meeting. Where I got that idea, I’ll never know. I’d heard of AA but I had never been to a meeting.

-- Faye B.

Lakeland, Florida

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