From the February 2019 magazine.

Staying put

It’s embarrassing to admit that during the last 15 years, I have had four different home groups. Every time something went wrong, meaning I didn’t get my way, I’d start looking for a new home. Being involved in district service, I knew that I had to belong to a home group, so I wouldn’t switch groups until I had found a new one. My understanding of the service structure was upside down, as I thought the district was more important than the group. 

What’s even more embarrassing is how I’d leave a group without telling anyone I was leaving. This pattern changed when a friend asked me if I told my group I was leaving. The thought had never crossed my mind. But my friend did make sense, so I went to the group conscience and informed everyone I was changing home groups and why. It’s now been eight years since I needed to tell a group I was leaving.

-- A.S.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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