From the February 2019 magazine.

Practice practice practice

I had recently taken over the secretary job for my home group. I was elected unanimously, as no one else wanted the job. I got to the meeting about 15 minutes early so I could get the coffee started and get organized for the start of the meeting. At that time, I had about seven years of sobriety and considered myself lucky for having found a home group I enjoyed so much. Most everybody there was really friendly and we had a couple of characters who could always be counted on for a good story or joke.

So I got myself organized and I was just kind of sitting there waiting for everybody else to show up. Then a guy walked in. I had never seen him before. He took a seat and I greeted him. It happened to be summer and this guy was wearing a tank top and shorts and he looked incredibly fit. We made small talk for a while and I finally said, “You look so fit, you look like you might be a professional athlete.” 

-- Art H.

Mount Prospect, Illinois

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