From the February 2019 magazine.

Lucky fingers

In her darkest hour, she walked a digital path until she found a woman named Debbie

I began drinking at 16 and drank alcoholically until I turned 61. The last year and a half of my drinking was filled with many emotional challenges that I could not bear to deal with, so I remained drunk as much as possible. My days consisted of nightly blackouts, much shame and frequent falls. I became afraid that I was going to kill myself accidentally and knew that I needed help.

I didn’t know anyone in recovery and had never attended an AA meeting. I made an appointment with a rehab facility in my area, but could not meet with them for a week. I couldn’t confide in family or friends because I was so afraid that I would fail. Alone in my home and drunk again, I started searching online for help. 

-- Hyla G.

St. Petersburg, Florida

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