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Published January 2019.

A Better Chance At A Better Choice

Looking into mirror of her past life helped her find the start of sobriety—and sufferings’ end

Growing older may be inevitable, but growing up is optional. At times, some children appear more mature than some adults. However, there is an important maturation ingredient missing: hindsight.

I have heard it said that time heals and time reveals. I have received many revelations through the gift of hindsight. The twists and turns of the passage of time have me riding the waves of life, and learning to live life on life’s terms. Discovering that there are many things much more important than myself and my little world of people, places and events is an ongoing journey. For me it would be impossible to participate in the process of growing and discerning without being able to look back. 

-- Joan M.

Davis, Calif.

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