From the March 2019 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

As we well know, alcoholics have strong opinions. And for 75 wonderful years, Grapevine has been a terrific place for members to share their thoughts and ideas about our powerful, life-changing program. We want to hear from you. Each month, we encourage you to express your concerns about meetings, sponsorship, Step-work, business meetings and more here in our pages. In this month’s special section, we feature articles from our What’s On Your Mind? column. Read them and let us know how you feel. 

In the story “Open Up!” a member in Texas shares his concern about the idea of “open” and “closed” meetings and how we list them. In “Outside Issue?” a man in California discusses the way we share or don’t share about our drug use when we tell our drinking stories. A woman in Oregon who loves the Lord’s Prayer questions whether AA is the place for it. And in the powerful essay, “Hurtful Words,” a member in North Carolina wonders if it’s time to broaden the scope of the ways our words can harm one another in meetings.  

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