From the March 2019 magazine.

AA News

GSO’s new technology endeavor

The General Service Office (GSO) had an array of new software systems installed during 2018, most of which will go “live” in 2019. A total assessment took place, putting virtually every database and functional area under the microscope.  From the basics—servers, security software, etc., to Fellowship New Vision that contains information of our groups and trusted servants—modernization and integration are the codewords.  Additionally, an entirely new website is under development.

The new system covers all the typical business operations, plus the unique needs of AA, which are group records and contributions. With the new integrated system, a one-stop-shop concept is achieved.  Connections are all in place for a literature order to be retrieved from a group record. There are multiple ways to view contribution information with trusted servant information easily accessible, and there will be a myriad of new features never before available for broader access.

-- Tom A.

West Central Region

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