From the March 2019 magazine.

She made the shot

She left basketball behind for the drinking game—but eventually scored a win

I grew up in the small Massachusetts town of Lunenburg. My high school graduating class in 1960 had just 76 students. My family consisted of my brother and myself and Mother and Daddy. I was a very quiet, shy, tall tomboy who loved playing basketball. Once I got to junior high, I played basketball all the time. My mother was overprotective and tried, unsuccessfully, to make a lady of me.

We moved to another school district when I was in 7th grade and I had a miserable time trying to fit in. I was picked on and bullied because I never fought back. But my escape was playing basketball. I loved gym class because I would always be picked first when we played. 

-- Judy M.

Royersford, Pennsylvania

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