From the March 2019 magazine.

Something to offer

After warming up to the love of his group, a newcomer learns how good it feels to return the favor

What do I have to offer? That’s what I always wondered when I first came to AA. I didn’t think I needed to be here because I had encountered none of the things I read about in the Big Book. I had not gotten any DWIs, nor had I lost jobs or had failed marriages. I didn’t even have a wife who’d left me. 

As I saw it, I just drank a little on the way home from work…or on the way to and from taking my kids somewhere…or after seeing my dying mother…or in the walk-in cooler at the store…or in the laundry room…or the parking lot by the dumpster…or in the bathroom stall of any movie theater, department store or school my kids attended!

-- Jack J.

St. Louis, Missouri

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