From the April 2019 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

In the chapter “More About Alcoholism”  our Big Book speaks of our “baffling…utter inability” to leave alcohol alone “no matter how great the necessity or the wish.” It’s heartbreaking to watch someone relapse—and certainly to experience it ourselves. But many of us do get sober and live incredibly happy, productive lives. This month’s special section features powerful stories about relapse by members who were lucky enough to make it back.

In the story “Unhappy Memorial Day” a sober vet in San Diego tells of a relapse he had drinking “non-alcoholic beer” that ended up on his roof, with cops, a SWAT team and the local news. In “Secret in the Cupboard” a woman in California decides she’s been so “good for so many years,” then pours a little vanilla extract in her coffee. A dad writing from a Florida jail warns how pain meds and a weak program woke his sleeping lion in the article “Relapse After 11 Years.” And after suffering for years in the revolving door, a member in North Dakota finally found the answer outside himself in the powerful story “In & Out.” 

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