From the June 2019 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

How do we stay sober and maintain our serenity and emotional balance when anger gets the best of us? Our Big Book says, “resentment is the ‘number one’ offender. It destroys more alcoholics than anything else.” Luckily, we have each other and some terrific AA tools to help. This month’s special section features stories by members about how they’ve learned to let go of resentments. 

In the story “Crash Course,” a woman, furious with her ex, heads across town to toss bricks through his window. Luckily she runs into a fellow AA. In “Grateful,” a member shows how he learned to use his trusty pen and pad to help ward off resentments. In “The Need to Be Right,” a husband tries all the AA tools he can think of to end a huge resentment toward his wife. Fortunately, his sponsor comes to his rescue with the one that works. And a father, angry with his son, gets a wonderful surprise while working on his Fourth Step in the sweet story “Growing Up.” 

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