From the June 2019 magazine.

No longer a victim

With a little prayer and Step work, she learned to let go of the anger she had about her ex

"Did you kill him?” she asked.  She was a petite lady in her late 80s with more than 50 years of sobriety. “No,” I replied as my jaw dropped, shocked that she would ask such a question. “Good, then you have made your amends,” she said. 

That was not the answer I had expected to the question of how to make amends to my ex-husband, who had been abusive, controlling and manipulative. I was at a workshop on Steps Four and Five and this woman was one of the people leading it. So I took what she said seriously. I was almost 15 years sober at the time. I was not going to go back out drinking again, but I knew I was holding this resentment. 

-- Janyce M.

Ameliasburg, Ontario

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