From the June 2019 magazine.

Totally Empty

After that final bottle of scotch, she made the call to end the pain

I was a skinny, awkward kid in a world I didn’t understand, where I always felt ill-equipped. I discovered alcohol in the seventh grade and I drank all the way through high school. My pattern of drinking was simple: I drank, got drunk, blacked out and then passed out. Once in a while, I got violently ill.

My parents insisted I go to college because, according to my mother, that was the only place to find a good husband. When I got to college I got a job tending bar in an off-campus saloon, even though I wasn’t yet legally old enough to drink. One day in the middle of my sophomore year, a young man walked into my bar and, in the middle of one of my many beer-infused philosophy talks, I discovered the man who was to become my husband. 

-- Betsy-Ann T.

Los Angeles, California

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