From the June 2019 magazine.

Soft landing

A one-chip wonder says she’s grateful she made it here and that her sweet sober life makes her stay

I came into AA 34 years ago when I was 34 years old. You do the math. 

And lest you think old-timers with decades of continuous sobriety walk on AA water, let me put that rumor to rest. We still have the same longings and desires, resentments and frustrations, and complaints and fears that newcomers are subject to. And we still have to, as you may have guessed, go to meetings, read the Big Book and call our sponsors. In addition, we have to adjust to changes in our energy levels and physical activity. Sometimes we sit with sick friends, other times we drive friends to appointments with doctors. We even help plan and attend memorial services, just like regular people outside of AA do, while going through this marvelous journey we call life.

-- Nanci V.

Dallas, Texas

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