From the June 2019 magazine.

Balancing act

An old-timer remembers to watch his impulses and stay on the sober path—no matter what

A while back, I saw a man who wore a T-shirt with a message on the front that read, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” The message summed up neatly the story of my life. Let me offer a few examples.

In third grade, I came out from behind the school door and surprised my classmate Becky with a kiss on the cheek as she entered the room. This was a girl I had never spoken a word to, a girl with what seemed to me an All-American name and All-American beauty. But there I was, the 8-year-old son of immigrants with a long and hard-to-spell last name, seeking to bridge the social divide with that one act. 

-- David S.

New York, New York

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