From the June 2019 magazine.

So what is AAWS?

A trustee helps explain what one of our three corporations does and how it serves the Fellowship

"In this article, the second of three, I will describe the second affiliate corporation of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is AA World Services, Inc. or “AAWS.” As mentioned in the article last month on the affiliate corporation AA Grapevine, being an affiliate means that some (in this case, all) of its stock is owned by the parent corporation. The formal ownership of these corporations from the eye of the IRS are the 21 trustees of the General Service Board (GSB). All three of these corporations have the same basic mission: to serve the AA Fellowship. 

AAWS is commonly viewed as the General Service Office (GSO). Indeed, GSO is part of the makeup of AAWS. Most AA members see GSO as the office that serves them, their group, district and area, which in fact it does. However, besides that broad definition, within the GSO there is a publishing operation which manages the manufacturing and distribution of over 1,000 items that AA produces to carry the message of AA. Most items published by GSO are tri-lingual, available in English, French and Spanish. This fits within GSO’s mission, which includes serving “as a clearinghouse and exchange point for the wealth of AA experience accumulated over the years, coordinating a wide array of activities and services, and overseeing the publication, all translations of, and distribution of AA Conference approved literature and service materials.” 

-- Tom A.

Waite Park, Minnesota , West Central Region Trustee

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