From the June 2019 magazine.

Southern Hospitality

Moving to Nashville has been quite an interesting experience for this recently arrived sober old-timer from New York. “Controlled drinking” is an art form here in Tennessee. Everybody is in AA—or should be. It seems like every block has a country music bar, it’s own favorite sports saloon and a church. You judge a restaurant not by its food, atmosphere or service, but by the selection of bourbons they offer. Wine is sold in every supermarket. They’re even trying to overturn their silly law that prevents the selling of booze on Sunday

In case you are interested in moving here to resume your drinking career, you might want to know that Nashville boasts its own rehab, detox, bail bondsmen, many defense lawyers, a jail and a courthouse. Hope this will help you manage your transition back to your previous life.

-- Definitely Steve

Nashville, Tennessee

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