From the July 2019 magazine.

So, what is our General Service Board?

A trustee helps explain what one of our three corporations does and how it serves the Fellowship

This is the third of three corporations that the Fellowship “owns.” Our Service Manual states that the General Service Board (GSB) has the responsibility to oversee the two affiliate corporations, AA World Services (AAWS) and AA Grapevine (AAGV), which were reviewed in two previous articles (May and June, 2019). The GSB fulfills this responsibility by separately incorporating these entities and then embedding several GSB members onto each affiliate board of directors and electing additional members to create solid working boards. 

Our cofounder, Bill W., felt that the GSB should not be the only members of the affiliate boards, stating that this “…ruled out authoritarian and institutional operating styles that would conflict with AA principles.” For makeup and service lengths of the type of trustees on this 21-member board, check out The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service, available at or where your group gets its literature.

-- Tom A.

Waite Park, Minnesota, West Central Region Trustee

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