From the September 1976 magazine.

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Booze on Prescription

Many of these items are contrary to AA philosophy. Their publication here does not mean that the Grapevine endorses or approves them; they are offered solely for your information.

The drinking of alcohol in medicinal preparations has been going on for centuries and has probably played some part in the etiology of abnormal drinking and alcoholism. Even a small dosage may undermine the progress of a recovering alcoholic or be disastrous if he is taking disulfiram [Antabuse]. Interaction with other drugs is also a potential hazard. It is recommended that all medicinal preparations displayed for sale should have the contents shown clearly on the label. Physicians should warn their patients about the risks of taking alcohol with other drugs. The time is overdue for consultation with the medical and pharmaceutical professions regarding the advertising or selling of patent medicines that contain alcohol.

-- Editorial

London, England

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