De la edición de Agosto-Septiembre 2019.

Dear Grapevine

My late-night meeting
In my early sobriety, my sponsor told me, “When your head starts talking to you, go to a meeting.” But my head often woke me up at 1:30 am., and in my neck of the woods there are no meetings then. 

Then one night, my Higher Power gave me a brilliant idea. I put all the chairs in my house in a circle, then sat in one with a Grapevine magazine in hand. I read the Preamble, moved to the next chair and read “How It Works” from the Big Book. I moved on to another chair and read an article from Grapevine. I then moved to the next chair and asked myself what I thought of the article. I moved to each chair, reading a new Grapevine story. Once I ran out of chairs, I got sleepy. I did that for three months before I finally realized I didn’t have to set up the chairs; I could just read Grapevine until I got sleepy. 

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