From the August 2019 magazine.

A pillow, a blanket & hot soup

At his end, with nowhere to go, an alcoholic gets a helping hand from someone from the “other side of town” reached out

"Can you just keep my things for a few days?” I asked the people at the sober house. “I don’t have a place to go right now. So if you can do me that favor, I’ll be back in about three days to get my belongings. I’m going to go think of what to do next.”

I needed to clear my mind and think, I told myself. Right. I was still high and hungover from the night before, which had really been just a few hours earlier. Now, it was a little before six in the morning and I had just returned to the sober house after another relapse. I had nowhere to go; I didn’t know what to do. I was “confused and baffled,” just like it says in the Big Book.

-- Lee Y.

San Antonio, Texas

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