From the August 2019 magazine.

Taught me to love

A homecoming queen, brought down by liquor, reconnects with her family and learns to live again

It was early in November of 1993 and I was stranded. I was hungry and had just one dollar and needed a ride back to the motel where I was staying. I managed to call for a ride and headed to the nearest bar to wait to be picked up. 

Once inside, I had a choice. I could have a bowl of chili or a beer for my dollar. I don’t know why I made the choice of food that day, but I did. When I got back to my motel, all of my things were gone. When I talked to the manager at the front desk, he reminded me of my unpaid bill. I owed them money and my possessions were removed from the room. Now I really had nowhere to go. I had no friendly direction to turn to. 

-- Lisa C.

Portland, Oregon

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