From the August 2019 magazine.

My guide to the wild west

Getting sober can be a wonderful journey with the right someone showing the way

When I was 22, I attended my first AA meeting. I was suicidal, unemployable and unable to control my drinking. At that first meeting, I soon knew I was in the right place. There I met Bob H., the man who would become my sponsor and spiritual advisor for 25 years.

AA members often recommend that women sponsor women and men sponsor men. Generally speaking, this is good advice. You might also hear at a meeting to choose a sponsor you relate to or someone who has what you want. None of these suggestions helped me find the right sponsor. I needed structure, direction and tools—but not control. I needed someone who would help me find my own answers with God, not someone who gave me answers. 

-- Kim S.

Boise, Idaho

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