From the August 2019 magazine.

1,047 days

A member shares gratitude through some tough early days of sobriety‚

Quitting drinking is simple, as the old saying goes. I’ve done it a million times. Staying sober, now that’s where the work is.

I entered AA a mere 1,046 days ago with a shattered knee. I was isolated from most family and friends, all by my own doing. AA got me through. I had employment issues. Some of these were my fault, while some were out of my control. Again, AA got me through. I lost my best friend to an overdose. AA got me through. I have had good, bad and not-so-good days. AA has gotten me through. I’m currently going through an ugly divorce that has caused me to be away from my daughter for now. I must have faith that AA will get me through.

-- Josh K.

Fairfield, Connecticut

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