From the September 2019 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

It’s a beautiful thing when alcoholics find AA early and avoid years of heavy drinking and are spared, as our cofounder Bill W. wrote, “that last 10 or 15 years of literal hell the rest of us had gone through.” Yet it can be challenging to get sober when you’re young. How will I ever have fun again? Will I fit in? How will I make friends? There’s hope. This month’s special section features inspiring stories by AA members who got sober young and are learning to live full, happy lives.

In the story “YPAA or Bust” a young man’s sobriety kicks into high gear after he stumbles into a bunch of AAs hitting the road and going to Young People’s sober events. In “Everything’s Going to Be OK,” something happens on a beach one day that gives a young man hope and lifts him out of his dark, drunken life. When all the cheering stops, a young alcoholic woman finally makes the call to join the winning team in “Confessions of a High School Cheerleader.” And in the story “The Motley Crew,” a group of young AAs in Florida start their own YPAA group, where they share good times and welcome members of all ages to join in and “to vent, to heal or to just listen.”

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