From the September 2019 magazine.

The night shift

Scared and battered, she landed in a place where she got more than good care. She was prescribed a new life

I grew up in a very conflicted home. There was a lot of “church stuff,” but behind closed doors there was a lot of abuse. I didn’t connect with my parents or any of my six siblings on any sort of spiritual or emotional level. The only really good memories I have are those of the summers I spent at my grandmother’s house in Vancouver, Canada. 

At age 9, I started cutting myself as a form of coping in order to not deal with the insanity in my head. By age 13, I was hanging out with older men in a gang and getting involved in all the wrong things. I was drinking and doing drugs very soon after. Drinking turned off the voices in my head that had been telling me my whole life that I was different or not good enough for anyone. 

-- Lauren C.

Draper, Utah

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